Diachem Polymers provides state of the art polymer technology for process and effluent water systems. Together with our leading Diachem Service Program, Ecoplex™ Polymer Feed Systems and ECOMAC™ Measurement and Control modules, Diachem is your process and effluent water expert. We deliver performance, productivity and profitability results to your operations.
The comprehensive DIACHEM turnkey program provides customized dual-aggregant treatment pairing Ultraflocc coagulants + Diaflocc™ flocculants to optimize treatment; robust make-down and feed units; and a sophisticated measurement, control and communication interface. The Diachem Service Program provides you with continuous feedback on costs, performance, logistics and inventory management. Diachem programs mean consistency and reliability - the key to confidence in management of solid/liquid separation operations.

The Science of Liquid Solids Water Clarification

Diaflocc™ Jar Test

Ultraflocc Coagulants increase the performance of your process and effluent water systems. Ultraflocc minimizes polymer demand while delivering sparkling water clarity. Simple to use, pumpable and cost-effective, Ultraflocc delivers consistently pure, clear water.
Diaflocc™ Flocculants efficiently aggregate solids and improve drainage to effectively increase your process water system capacity. Stable formulations provide you with cost-effective liquid/solids separation.  

State of the Art Polymer Technology

  Providing value through scientific innovation.


Ecoplex™ Polymer Feed Systems provide state of the art polymer application dilution and dosing. Ecoplex™ Systems are fabricated of high-quality stainless steel for robust durability. Reliable Ecoplex™ make-down systems are your answer to consistent and cost-effective process and effluent water control.

Turn Key Polymer Solutions

Modernizing to maximize your plant for strong ROI


ECOMAC™ Computer Systems provide real time Measurement and Control of your process and effluent water systems, with optional secure remote communication. Secure and reliable, ECOMAC™ responds to process fluctuations to minimize cost and stabilize performance, helping you meet cost projections and water quality specifications.

Seamless System Support

Providing in depth visibility for maximum water treatment efficiency

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